Why the Blue Lagoon is frickin awesome

There was a story recently on businessinsider.com that purportedly displayed the reality of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. It was bollocks.

You can read their article here.

But here’s a point by point rebuttal because I bloody love this place and everyone else should too. So there.

(The first bit is their criticism, the follow up is my response)

1. One person called it a dirty, lukewarm, crowded disappointment. Ten thousand say it’s brilliant.

2. It costs money to go. More than your local swimming baths because it’s better.

3. Industrial looking buildings that are actually quite nice because it’s all exposed wood and glass. Unlike literally every factory I’ve ever seen.

4. Water laps up to the buildings. Because there’s an entry from inside the building directly into the pool.

5. It’s not a remote place because there’s a ‘highway’ next to it. Because surprisingly you need to use a road to get there.

6. Its ‘sandwiched’ between the airport and Reykjavik – so a massive sandwich about 100km wide with large empty expanses of volcanic rock on either side. A terrible sandwich.

7. Geothermal power plant next door. Probably because the water there is hot.

8. This changes the feeling of the resort – if you don’t notice the spa pools, saunas, steam rooms, bar that’s right in front of you.

9. Someone might take your towel. Someone might also steal your car 🤷‍♂️ there’s dickheads everywhere.

10. Not secluded and quiet. It is when it’s quiet. It isn’t when it’s busy. Like everywhere always.

11. There’s a queue to get in. Because it’s great and people want to go.

12. You won’t get the place to yourself to take a nice photo. The same writer complains about people taking photos in about 3 points time.

13. The bar gets busy. No it doesn’t. I’ve never ever seen it busy, and I’ve been there new years eve. The most you wait is 5 mins, and you’re basically waiting in a warm bathtub. It’s not a big deal.

14. It’s just generally busy. Again, people want to go because it’s great.

15. It’s busy, and people take photographs. Told you.

16. People put on clay masks, but you have to pay for them. No you don’t, the white mask you always see in pics is included in the most basic entry ticket.

17. The relaxing waterfall isn’t relaxing. It’s a massage waterfall, not a shampoo advert.

18. If you are single and go with friends in a relationship you’ll feel left out. Get better friends.

19. You might end up in the back of other people’s photos. So?

20. The hot water is steamy. 🤦🏻‍♂️

21. It might snow and ruin your photo. You’re in Iceland. It snows.

22. Iceland is cold and it’s uncomfortable when you leave the pool. Oh do fuck off.

Here’s how your visit will go.

You queue for 5 minutes. You get a electronic locker key and a towel. You go through and get changed, showered, and use their really lovely shower products before you enter the lagoon. Ladies – a tip is to leave the conditioner in your hair, it stops the sulphurous water in the lagoon drying it out. You will do an incredibly painful walk from the building to the water because it’s freezing outside and you’re in a swimming costume. But then you hit the water.





You relax instantly, float past a little crowd that usually forms by the stairs because they’re waiting for friends, and you swim into the middle of the lagoon. The steam will make visibility low, and you can happily float there without being disturbed.

Then you’ll swim up to the bar and get a pint. Or wine. Or, I guess, a smoothie or something. Then float some more. Then you’ll go to the sauna and steam room, and take a freezing cold water shower afterwards in the Icelandic wind. You’ll feel amazing. You’ll put on a free silica mud mask and do some more swimmy/floaty stuff. You’ll wash it off, and about an hour and a half later you’ll leave, feeling born again.

I’ve been to the Blue Lagoon four times in all seasons and it’s always amazing. I don’t think the author of the article mentioned at the top of this post has ever been. Don’t believe the bottom half of the internet.

In short, go to the Blue Lagoon when you visit Iceland. It’s frickin awesome.

Bless bless,


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