About Me

My name’s Rich, I’m a senior leader in a school, and a former motorcycle racer. I love all things Iceland, running and rowing, and professional development.


Q: What the hell is duglegur?

A: Duglegur is an Icelandic word meaning industrious and hardworking, and this blog will be an application of duglegur for modern living. Also, no-one knows what google means, so, yeah.

The hardworking angle is really just a way to tie my rampant and aggressive love for all things Icelandic to my need to write some stuff in a blog. But I think it works.

I write about three main things, generally:

  • Iceland stuff. I love Iceland.
  • Professional stuff. I’m a senior leader in education, and changing career this year, so I have learnt a lot about different skills needed across fields – I post about this to help or entertain others.
  • Fitness. I hate keeping fit, but love training. I used to race motorcycles and so thought cardio was for boring people that enjoyed going slow, but when I tied exercise to training for a competitive event it changed my mindset. I’ve run marathons over the yorkshire peaks, half marathons in Wales, and loads of 10k/5k as well as obstacle course races.

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and feedback to my posts, and as I’m looking to relocate my family to Iceland in the next five years, if anyone reading this has advice about that then please get in touch!

Thanks for reading, bless bless (goodbye in Icelandic! 🇮🇸)Rich